So Fall has officially begun. In most states people are wearing their cute sweaters and tall boots. Down here in south Florida that’s not happening soon enough. The weather is still so hot. Like Olaf melting into a puddle hot. We have to dress in cute layers and booties. With that being said, I decided to make some cute hot weather fall clothes.

Patterns for Pirates So Classic dress makes the perfect Fall inspired dress. This pattern calls for woven fabric, I choose cotton, which is one the best fabrics for hot weather. Since it’s natural fiber it allows the fabric to breathe, that way keeping you cooler. I made the button up mini version, with cute wooden buttons. The fit was great and the length is perfect on it on or with some cute leggings or tights. I found my fabric on eBay and it has the perfect color palette for fall.

I also decided to make a matching cardigan. I choose Pattern for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan, with long sleeves and patched pockets. This piece is so so comfortable. The fabric is so soft and fuzzy. The cardigan is perfect to snuggle in. The pockets are the perfect size. I can fit all of my Knick knacks with my pockets looking overstuffed.

Both of these patterns worn together, look so good. If you need a fall inspired outfit to wear apple picking or to the pumpkin patch, look at these two patterns. If you have kids, they have a kids version as well. Perfect for matching outfits 😍.