So let’s talk about fabrics.

Throughout the years I have worked with many different kinds of fabrics. When I first started I worked only with cotton woven. I used them to make my kids clothes. It was very easily to work with and my kids loved the prints I found. I made everything from dresses to shirts, shorts to underwear.

After about a year and a half, I decided to try knits. I knew this would be a learning curve for me and I was very intimidated by it. My husband encourage me by getting me a serger to make things a little easier. Once I started it was actually easier than expected. Now knits are my favorite fabrics to work with. I can make outfits much faster and they fit me better.

My favorite knits to work with are double brushed polyester and ponte. I love the flow of double brushed polyester and that you can use this fabric for basically anything. From dresses to leggings, it’s great. Ponte is a double knit and not as flowy. It’s best for more structured outfits or pieces, like pencil skirts or fitted dresses or bottoms even blazers.

I’ve tried other knits and they are nice but they have qualities that I’m not to crazy about. Like rayon spandex and ITY can grow with wear. Cotton Lycra curls which drives me insane. Crush velvet is the devil (I’m serious). Liverpool is very similar to ponte, but has a textured surface. Modal is a dream to work with.

Some companies provide a swatch card with different types of fabric so you can get a feel of what everything is. For me I have to be able to touch fabrics to know what I like and if it works for the project I have in mind. Thanks for coming by. As always much love and many blessings.