I’ve had this kimono inspired pattern since it released last year from Hallå Patterns and had yet to make it. I love that it is a fit and flare style with a handkerchief skirt. The sleeves are so pretty and I love the style of them. This pattern has different lengths for both the skirt and sleeves. It also include a empire bodice or a bodice that sits at the natural waist. Did I mention that it has a cardigan version included in this pattern?! The Kimono has so many options. I forgot to mention is has an Obi belt template so you can make your own. Which is really cool. When I saw the testers’ pics, I fell in love. It was such a pleasure to see everyone’s creativity and styling of this awesome garment. You can make your own custom inspired kimono with such ease with a perfect fit.

The print of the fabric inspired me to make the dress version. Look at the beautiful Birds and floral prints on double brushed polyester. I love how it has a dark but still neutral back ground and how the birds and flowers are bright and vibrant. They really seem to pop out from the fabric. This fabric is the perfect transitional print for spring. I didn’t want the whole dress to be one print so found a couple color coordinating fabrics to use for the accents. I chose the bold red to pull out the colors from outline of the pink flowers and the white to balance everything out.

I chose to go with the empire bodice with shorts sleeves and a dress skirt bottom. Of course I added pockets,lol. This pattern is a pretty easy for an intermediate sewist and a beginner could make it as well. I’m so happy with how this dress turned out. Be sure to check out Knitpop.com for many more beautiful fabrics. Hallåpatterns.com has a number of great and easy patterns so be sure to go take a look. Much love and many blessings.


This gorgeous fabric is from Knitpop.com. Here’s my affiliate link if you would like to use it. http://bit.ly/2nuX0kB

Here’s the link to the sewing pattern. https://www.hallapatterns.com/collections/show-yes/products/kimono-top-dress-women