One of favorite online fabric shops,, has been getting in a lot of gorgeous prints lately. I’m not really a floral person but some how I keep getting them in my stash. Get it? Oh, nevermind. Telling jokes isn’t my strong suit. Any how…

This beautiful floral print wound up in my hands and of course I wanted a twirly dress. I only had two yards, so that limited my options. I decided on mashing two of my favorite patterns from Patterns for Pirates. The Sunshine bodice with the Sweetheart mini skirt, plus I added pockets.

This mini dress is so cute and flirty and it twirls. I did have a Marilyn Monroe moment when I went out to model this dress. There were some strong breezes out there,lol. Did I mention how comfortable it is? I almost fell asleep wearing it later on that evening. The brushed feeling of this knit fabric is so buttery smooth and soft. I know I will be wearing this dress every chance I get.

Be sure to check out both of these awesome small businesses. Pattern for Pirates are currently having a sale. Hurry over there before it ends on the 25th of this month. Much love and many blessings.

Pattern for Pirates

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