Let tell you about this cute Jade dress. This dress started out as a failed blazer. 

Before I added the lining the blazer was so amazing, but once I added the lining it was not cute at all. To make it worse I top stitched it all over with the lightening stitch 😱. If you don’t sew that stitch is so hard to rip or cut out. 
I was so frustrated and disappointed. Then I remembered a pattern that I could use with cut up pieces of the blazer and scraps. It also happens to be one of my favorites and one of my most used pattern. 
So I went to work. With some creative placement and a cutting out a new piece, I made a completely different look. My point to all this is to find the silver lining in messed up projects/situations. Somethings you just have to look at things from a different angle and bam. Have a good day y’all.