One of my favorite indie pattern designers, Patterns for Pirates, recently released a new wrap dress pattern. It’s called the Flutter Wrap dress. You may not know this but I love wrap dresses. You may have seen some pics of Made for Mermaids Isabel wrap dresses that I have made. This pattern is different from their design. I’m excited to share my thoughts and makes from this amazing pattern.

Made for Mermaids Isabel hack to be a cardigan as well.

The flutter wrap dress doesn’t have bodice and skirt like the Isabel. Instead it’s two mirrored pieces in the front and the back has a middle seam. Which is great for those who have to do a sway back adjustment. It has three different lengths and different hem lines for those hems with and without a flounce. The neckline has three options as well. A narrow flounce, a wide flounce that can have the look of sleeves, and the plain neckline. The narrow flounce is my favorite. I love the clean and professional look of the hidden binding of the neckline. It also has different sleeve lengths and styles with the option of being sleeveless.

The first one I made was the maxi length with a flounce skirt, a narrow flounce neck with a tank bodice. I love how flowy and feminine this dress is. I felt like a princess. I choose this floral fabric from Hobby Lobby. It is so pretty and reminds me of spring. Plus the rich color make it really stand out.

The second one I made was with the wide flounce neckline, tank bodice and a knee length with the flounce option. This dress is so elegant. It’s very ooh la la.

My third one is hacked. I was inspired by the pattern designer, Mrs. Judy Hale. I choose the knee length with the flounce hem line. I omitted the flounce lengthened the hem line to about 1 and 1/3 inch. I choose to use the flutter sleeve option. This dress is so fun and flirty. It’s perfect for a causal occasion or date night. The leopard print really makes it fierce.

This pattern has a youth version as well. I made a maxi length dress for my little one. She loves this dress and is constantly wearing it. It’s perfect for mommy and me looks.

Youth maxi length with narrow neckline flounce

The pattern has other options I haven’t tried yet. I planned to make a top but life happened. Make sure to grab this pattern at it’s introductory price and check out all of their other patterns as well. Much love and many blessings.

The fabric from the last two dresses are from Here’s my affiliate link. It’s not cost to you just gives me a little funding for my hobby.

Knitpop Affiliate  Link

The link to the pattern.