My favorite sewing tools

When I first started sewing, I had the basic tools; scissors, pins, standard seam ripper and a chalk pen. Sometimes, I used a regular pen. Back then, I was only using woven fabrics. I was too scared to try knits.

Of course, I had a sewing machine too. It was a super basic Singer that I got from my high school when they were getting rid of them. Nothing too fancy, but it was reliable and easy to use.

Once I started reading blogs and joining online groups, I learned about these next level tools. Tools that made sewing a little easier and faster.

After taking a class at Joann’s, my instructor got us hooked on her chalk pen, so that was a given. She also told us the general info about the rotary cutter but also warned about how dangerous it could be.

Being such a newbie, I just put it on my nope list. Slicing off parts of my fingers didn’t seem like something I wanted. On the other hand (pun intended), my online community showed me the beautiful side of it; faster, more precise cuts, especially along curves. Now a days, I love my rotary cutter and rarely use my scissors. It has made my process so much more efficient.

Along with the rotary cutter, you need something to cut on so you don’t mess up your table or floor. I have three mats. Two are self healing and the third is not but it is the biggest. The self healing last longer and are more expensive but definitely worth it.

Also, if you’re going to use a rotary cutter and mat, an acrylic grid ruler is a must. Since it’s see through, you can make sure you line everything up and get a correct cut.

Another favorite is my serger. It was one of the best birthday gifts ever. I used it for finishing my seams on my woven outfits. Also for constructing my knit outfits. It’s so much faster and easier to put together knit patterns on a serger then on a sewing machine.

Last but not least, clips! These little guys don’t get enough credit. They don’t stab you and they are easy to use. I still use pins from time to time but I reach for my clips more. I mainly use them on my knit projects, especially on the thinner more slippery ones. I feel like they hold the fabric better.

These tools have made my sewing much more efficient, giving me more time to get more projects done. Check out the links below to the tools that I have. Have a blessed day 😘