Hey y’all,

When I saw this checkered fabric, I instantly thought of this cute retro outfit that I saw on Pinterest. So I went through my pattern library and saw George + Ginger Heatwave shorts. Perfect.

This fabric is a two way techno crepe. Techno crepe can be best described as scuba and liverpool had a baby. It just like scuba but has texture like liverpool. It can also be know as a double/ stable knit.

For the shorts pattern I did have to add some length because my butt would be hanging out if I didn’t. Not that I’m downing others for wearing shorts like that, it’s just not for me. This pattern is also a super quick sew which is a bonus for me. I cut and sewed these shorts in under an hour. Did I mention pockets?

To complete this outfit I brought out an old cold shoulder top I made a while back. The pattern is from the same company as the shorts and it their Anniversary top. I love this patten because it uses bands instead of binding. The high neckline really makes this top really nice and helps balance my new outfit.

I love that these shorts can be worn year round with the right accessories. You can find this fabulous checkered fabric at The Fab Clique Shoppe website under their new arrivals. They have some really fab fabrics 😉. Much love and many blessings.

My affiliate link for the patterns: http://georgeandgingerpatterns.com/?aff=173

My affiliate link for the checkered fabric:https://www.thefabclique.com/?page_url=73