Hepburn/ Sweetheart Mash


When I saw this fabric I knew it would a be challenge for me. The base of this fabric is Ponte, which is a structured fabric. I don’t wear or use Ponte often because it’s thick and can get a little hot while wearing down here in South Florida. The print is pretty and something [...]

Hepburn/ Sweetheart Mash2020-01-17T13:24:39-05:00

The Not So Cold Shoulder Top


Hey y’all, I have to tell you about this new pattern that I tested, it’s called the Not So Cold Shoulder top by Amelia Lane Designs. Wait. First let me tell you about the company. Amelia Lane Designs started out as a fabric company. They have gorgeous fabrics available ready to ship. Last year they [...]

The Not So Cold Shoulder Top2020-01-18T10:29:46-05:00

Favorite Sewing Tools


My favorite sewing tools When I first started sewing, I had the basic tools; scissors, pins, standard seam ripper and a chalk pen. Sometimes, I used a regular pen. Back then, I was only using woven fabrics. I was too scared to try knits. Of course, I had a sewing machine too. It was [...]

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Hi, my name is Sylvia and I’ve been sewing for almost three years. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to learn to sew. But no one in my family sewed and I didn’t know anyone that could help me learn. When I was in high school, I tried to learn by making [...]