Lately I have been seeing this cute oversized sweater everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. At Target, at TJ Max, in ads on Facebook, pins on Pinterest. Every where I look there it was. sadly, I couldn’t find a pattern to recreate it. Then as always Made for Mermaids came through yet again. The Aspen was introduced to the world. Yes, It is oversized  but it is so cute. Plus all the different options make this pattern a must have for this and upcoming seasons. 

I made a high neck, bell sleeves, banded tunic in a nice medium weight rib knit. This was such a easy and quick sew. I love how cozy this tunic is. And the sleeves are so pretty. This was perfect to take pics in while I was still under the weather. I paired it with some stretch faux leather leggings. I can’t wait to make another one. There are so many different versions I want to try.
This pattern is on sale, so grab while you can at their introductory price. If you like to match with the littles, they have youth and baby sizes as well. Check out their Facebook album to see all the other testers and styles. As always much love and many blessings.  

You can find the pattern here: